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Why are our soaps moisturizing and do not dry out the skin?

Why are our soaps moisturizing and do not dry out the skin?

  • by Caroline Caron

Cold saponified soaps, enriched with superfats and natural glycerin, offer an exceptional moisturizing and protective solution for the skin. It is this precious combination that transforms every shower into a moment of intense care.

The essentials of superfatting for nourished skin

Our soaps are distinguished by an average superfatting rate of 7%, essential for nourishing the skin and preserving its vital hydrolipidic film. Superfatting is obtained by adding, during saponification, a quantity of oil deliberately greater than that which sodium hydroxide (soda) can transform. This technique allows the oil to remain intact in the soap, providing its nourishing benefits with each use.

Glycerin: a naturally magical moisturizing active ingredient

Our cold saponification method, an ancestral and artisanal process, ensures the natural production of vegetable glycerin at around 8%. This glycerin is a real treasure for the skin, thanks to its abilities to:

  • Maintain skin hydration at an optimal level,
  • Improve skin elasticity and regulate flaking,
  • Stimulate the skin's natural defenses, forming an invisible barrier against external aggressions such as wind and cold.

Cold process soaps are much more than just cleansers. They are real care products that simplify your shower routine, often saving you the need to apply body milk or moisturizer.

By choosing superfatted artisanal soaps with glycerin, you are opting for a gentle, effective and natural care method. Transform every shower into a moment of well-being for your skin, thanks to products designed to deeply hydrate, protect and nourish. Explore the difference that carefully chosen ingredients and respectful manufacturing can make, for healthy and radiantly beautiful skin.

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