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Optimize your cleaning routine with Cake Dishware: effective and eco-responsible

Optimize your cleaning routine with Cake Dishware: effective and eco-responsible

  • by Caroline Caron

The Cake Vaisselle redefines the traditional approach to tableware with a solid, efficient and easy-to-use solution. Designed for those who seek both efficiency and respect for the environment in their daily cleaning, this solid soap is a wise choice for a sustainable household.

Easy to use, remarkable results

To use Cake Vaisselle, simply pass a damp sponge or brush over the product. The concentrated formula guarantees a rich and effective lather with only a small amount of soap, making each use economical and long-lasting. This product not only excels for everyday dishes but is also very effective against stubborn stains, such as in the oven or on Pyrex dishes.

Improved durability

To prolong the use of your Cake Vaisselle, we recommend keeping it dry between uses. This simple precaution helps maintain the effectiveness of the product over the long term.

A recharging option for more eco-responsibility

Recognizing the importance of reducing waste, we now offer a refill option for the Cake Vaisselle. Instead of buying a new aluminum can every time, you can simply refill your existing can. This approach not only saves resources but also supports a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing the ecological footprint associated with the production and transport of new packaging.

Packaging designed for sustainability

The Cake Vaisselle is initially offered in a 200 ml aluminum box, chosen for its recycling capacity and its low environmental impact. The introduction of refills reinforces our commitment to reducing waste and promoting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Why adopt Cake Vaisselle?

Choosing our Cake Dishware means opting for a cleaning method that combines performance and respect for the environment. The recharging option completes this approach by offering an even more sustainable solution for your home. By integrating Cake Dishwashing into your routine, you are taking a step towards more responsible cleaning, without compromising on efficiency.

Take a more sustainable approach to your tableware with the Cake Vaisselle and its refill option, for a positive impact on your home and the planet.

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